Find out everything you need to know about Powerade Active Water here.

Powerade Active Water is a new, no sugar, scientifically formulated drink that utilises Powerade’s ION4 electrolyte system. It contains electrolytes to help keep you hydrated; no sugar; natural flavours; B Vitamins for energy; and alternative sweeteners for a great taste. It comes in a 750ml easy grip bottle with a sipper cap.

Powerade Active Water comes in 3 great flavours – Peach & Apple, Lemon and Mango. And just as they look different to Powerade ION4 and Powerade Zero they also taste different. They’re made with natural flavours, sweeteners and no sugar. We think Powerade drinkers and those new to Powerade are going to enjoy these flavours!

No, however it does contain natural flavours.

POWERADE Active Water will be available in 750mL packs.

The electrolytes in POWERADE Active Water are sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Our POWERADE Active Water range is designed for those always playing sport, exercising, training or simply being active and need to stay hydrated.

Our POWERADE Active Water range is formulated with electrolytes to support hydration, B vitamins for energy and no sugar, making it great for the gym, training or after the game. 

Both Powerade Active Water and Powerade Zero do not contain sugar, instead they contain alternative (Sucralose and Acesulphame Potassium). Powerade Active Water contains 4 electrolytes, natural flavours, no colours and B Vitamins. Powerade Zero contains an electrolyte and artificial flavours and colours. 

The electrolytes present in Powerade Active Water are the same as the Powerade ION4 core range – Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium. They are present at almost the same levels also.

Powerade Active Water is a product designed for use before, during and after sport or exercise and contains electrolytes for hydration. 

Consuming less sugar is an increasingly important issue for many consumers. Which is why we have created Powerade Active Water. Powerade Active Water has two sugar alternatives added to it – sucralose and acesulphame potassium. These sweeteners give the drink the desired sweetness and add to the great taste.

The sweeteners in Powerade Active Water are sucralose and acesulphame potassium. Both sucralose and acesulphame potassium are used in many foods and drinks to provide people with low or no kilojoule/sugar alternatives. We only use those sweeteners that have been thoroughly tested in scientific studies and are confirmed as safe by globally recognised authorities, and which are permitted for use within Australia and New Zealand by food regulations.