POWERADE Challenge
Powerade Performance Programme


The Christchurch POWERADE Challenge is an interactive 7.5km running course that goes along South Hagley Park.

  • Start from St Albans Cricket Club, Hagley Oval, Riccarton Avenue by swiping your wristband or using the POWERADE Challenge app at the vending machine.
  • Head up to the corner of Riccarton and Deans Avenues - and swipe at checkpoint B.
  • Continue along Deans Ave to the corner of Deans and Moorhouse Avenues – then swipe at checkpoint C.
  • Head along Moorhouse Ave, then veer onto Hagley Ave to the corner of Hagley and Riccarton Avenues – and swipe checkpoint D.
  • Turn down Riccarton Ave and follow the course back to Checkpoint A at St Albans Cricket Club – Swipe at this halfway checkpoint.
  • Complete another full lap, swiping at each of the checkpoints again with a final swipe at Checkpoint A to log your time.